Harmony Baptist Church
Thursday, September 20, 2018


The mission that became Harmony Baptist Church was composed of interested persons that separated themselves from First Southern Baptist Church of Cleveland, Ohio to form a new work.
The mission started July 26, 1955 and was organized into a church on July 31, 1955. The first rented building was at 2230 W. 103rd Street in Cleveland. The second building was at 1890 W. 28th Street in Cleveland.
By 1956, the Erie Association report shows that membership had grown to 90 people and in that same year $1905.58 was given to missions.
The first unit of the present building was entered in 1958. The new sanctuary was built atop the first building and was completed January 22, 1967.
Harmony Baptist Church has always been mission-minded and has begun at least 10 new mission works since 1958.